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Adam Tech
EB Series
Altech Corporation
AK500 Series
Altech Corporation
AK850 Series
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AK500 Series

Terminal Blocks

Altech Corporation

  • Current:6A ~ 15A
  • Housing Material:Polyamide (PA66), Nylon 6/6
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Number of Levels:1 ~ 2
  • Positions Per Level:3 ~ 12
  • Voltage:300V
  • Wire Gauge:12-22 AWG ~ 16-28 AWG

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31.00631.006TERM BLK 3POS SIDE ENTRY 5MM PCB230.197" (5.00mm)Horizontal with BoardRoHS
29.10429.104TERM BLK 4P TOP ENTRY 3.5MM PCB 140.138" (3.50mm)Vertical with BoardRoHS
30.65330.653TERM BLOCK 3POS 45DEG 5.08MM PCB130.200" (5.08mm)45° (135°) Angle with BoardRoHS
29.00829.008TERM BLK 8POS SIDE ENT 3.5MM PCB180.138" (3.50mm)Horizontal with BoardRoHS
30.60330.603TERM BLOCK 3POS 45DEG 5MM PCB 130.197" (5.00mm)45° (135°) Angle with BoardRoHS
29.01229.012TERM BLK 12P SIDE ENT 3.5MM PCB 1120.138" (3.50mm)Horizontal with BoardRoHS

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