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Adafruit Industries LLC
Adafruit Industries LLC
271, 337 and 821
Adafruit Industries LLC
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271, 337 and 821

White, Clear and Gray Enclosures for Arduino Electronics

Adafruit Industries LLC

Enclosure is easy to machine, drill, cut and shape to what you need.

  • Dimensions: 3.6" x 5" x 1.35"
  • Injection molded ABS plastic, Injection molded clear plastic and Injection molded gray translucent plastic
  • Brass screw inserts (can be used and reused many times, very durable)
  • Fits standard Arduinos and 16 x 2 LCDs
  • Fits Arduino with Adafruit Protoshield on top with .45" clearance
  • Pop out plates for GPS, buttons, sensors, switches, knobs
  • Holds up to 4 AAA batteries internally using 2xAAA holders. AA's can squeeze in but the case will not close nicely so we suggest AAA's
  • Comes with screws for the LCD, Arduino and case
  • Area (L x W):17.8in² (115cm²)
  • Container Type:Case
  • Design:Hand Held, Split Sides and End Panel(s)
  • Features:PCB Supports
  • Height:1.339" (34.00mm)
  • Note:Evaluation, Development board not included with enclosure.0
  • Platform:Arduino
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key
  • Size / Dimension:4.961" L x 3.583" W (126.00mm x 91.00mm)
  • Weight:0.165 lb (74.84 g)

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271271BOX ABS WHITE 4.96"L X 3.58"W CaseArduino4.961" L x 3.583" W (126.00mm x 91.00mm)1.339" (34.00mm)RoHS
337337BOX PLSTC CLEAR 4.96"L X 3.58"W CaseArduino4.961" L x 3.583" W (126.00mm x 91.00mm)1.339" (34.00mm)RoHS

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Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Programmers, Development Systems-Evaluation Boards-General Embedded-MCU