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ASPI Series
API Delevan Inc.
1025 and 1025R Series
API Delevan Inc.
1641 and 1641R Series
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1025 and 1025R Series

Molded Unshielded RF Coils

API Delevan Inc.

Varieties of core types include phenolic, iron and ferrite.

  • Through hole mounting type
  • Axial
  • Current Rating (Amps):28mA ~ 1.38A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):80mOhm Max ~ 72Ohm Max
  • Frequency - Self Resonant:3.4MHz ~ 680MHz
  • Inductance:100nH ~ 150µH
  • Inductance Frequency - Test:790kHz ~ 25MHz
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Package / Case:Axial
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Size / Dimension:0.095" Dia x 0.250" L (2.41mm x 6.35mm)
  • Supplier Device Package:Axial
  • Tolerance:±10%
  • Type:Molded

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1025R-28K1025R-28KFIXED IND 2.2UH 415MA 400 MOHM MoldedIron2.2µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-44K1025R-44KFIXED IND 10UH 144MA 3.3 OHM TH MoldedIron10µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-24K1025R-24KFIXED IND 1.5UH 560MA 220 MOHM MoldedIron1.5µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-42K1025R-42KFIXED IND 8.2UH 160MA 2.7 OHM THMoldedIron8.2µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-20K1025R-20KFIXED IND 1UH 390MA 1 OHM TH MoldedPhenolic1µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-68K1025R-68KFIXED IND 100UH 84MA 8 OHM TH MoldedFerrite100µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-60K1025R-60KFIXED IND 47UH 110MA 4.5 OHM TH MoldedFerrite47µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-92K1025R-92KFIXED IND 1MH 28MA 72 OHM TH MoldedFerrite1mH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-94K1025R-94KFIXED IND 100NH 1.38A 80 MOHM THMoldedPhenolic100nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-04K1025R-04KFIXED IND 220NH 1.04A 140 MOHM MoldedPhenolic220nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-40K1025R-40KFIXED IND 6.8UH 185MA 2 OHM TH MoldedIron6.8µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-14K1025R-14KFIXED IND 560NH 550MA 500 MOHM MoldedPhenolic560nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-32K1025R-32KFIXED IND 3.3UH 285MA 850 MOHM MoldedIron3.3µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-12K1025R-12KFIXED IND 470NH 660MA 350 MOHM MoldedPhenolic470nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-22K1025R-22KFIXED IND 1.2UH 620MA 180 MOHM MoldedIron1.2µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-04K TR 5001025R-04K TR 500FIXED IND 220NH 1.04A 140 MOHM MoldedPhenolic220nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-08K1025R-08KFIXED IND 330NH 830MA 220 MOHM MoldedPhenolic330nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-18K1025R-18KFIXED IND 820NH 420MA 850 MOHM MoldedPhenolic820nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-52K1025R-52KFIXED IND 22UH 144MA 3.3 OHM TH MoldedIron22µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-10K1025R-10KFIXED IND 390NH 710MA 300 MOHM MoldedPhenolic390nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025-96K1025-96KFIXED IND 120NH 1.3A 90 MOHM TH MoldedPhenolic120nH±10%Axial
1025R-36K1025R-36KFIXED IND 4.7UH 239MA 1.2 OHM THMoldedIron4.7µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-72K1025R-72KFIXED IND 150UH 61MA 15 OHM TH MoldedFerrite150µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-56K1025R-56KFIXED IND 33UH 130MA 3.4 OHM TH MoldedFerrite33µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-38K1025R-38KFIXED IND 5.6UH 195MA 1.8 OHM THMoldedIron5.6µH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-16K1025R-16KFIXED IND 680NH 500MA 600 MOHM MoldedPhenolic680nH±10%AxialRoHS
1025R-54K1025R-54KFIXED IND 27UH 140MA 3.5 OHM TH MoldedIron27µH±10%AxialRoHS

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