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Teledyne LeCroy
T3SA3100 and T3SA3200
Staco Energy Products Company
100 and 200 Series
Staco Energy Products Company
1000 and 1200 Series
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100 and 200 Series

Variable Transformers

Staco Energy Products Company

Variable transformers have many industrial and laboratory applications as basic components to control voltage, current, power, heat, speed, light, and electromechanical force. A basic STACO Variable Transformer consists of a single layer, magnet wire, winding on a toroidal core of laminated silicon steel. A carbon brush, connected to an output lead, is rotated over a precision ground, plated commutator track to tap off voltage at any turn from zero to the maximum output voltage of the winding.

  • Input Type:Terminals
  • Output Type:Terminals
  • Type:Panel Mount
  • Voltage - Supply:120VAC ~ 240VAC

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201201VARIABLE TRANSFORMER 132V 2A Panel MountTerminals120VAC, 132VAC120VACRoHS
221-B221-BVARIABLE TRANSFORMER 132V 2.5A Panel MountTerminals120VAC, 132VAC120VACRoHS
291291VARIABLE TRANSFORMER 132V 3A Panel MountTerminals120VAC, 132VAC120VACRoHS
171-3171-3VARIABLE TRANSFORMER 240V 1.75A Panel MountTerminals240VAC240VACRoHS
171171VARIABLE TRANSFORMER 132V 1.75A Panel MountTerminals120VAC, 132VAC120VACRoHS

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