Test and Measurement

Devices that are used to provide reference properties.

Test Equipment Test Equipment Devices that are used to provide reference properties (quantity, capacity, degree, etc.) of electronic circuits.
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Test Leads, Probes Test Leads, Probes Devices that are used to create a temporary connection between equipment and a circuit/unit that is being tested.
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Test Clips Test Clips Devices that are used to provide a temporary connection to leads and terminals.
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Test Points Test Points Terminals that are used specifically to provide an electrical connection between a piece of test equipment and a circuit.
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Test Probe Tips Test Probe Tips Devices that are used to connect equipment to the circuit/unit being tested. Often the device consists of a cylindrical rod with either a pointed or a hooked end on one side and a wire lead on the other.
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Thermometers Thermometers Equipment designed to measure and display changes in temperature.
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Accessories Accessories Supplementary items used with test and measurement equipment.
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