Maker/DIY, Educational

A collection of devices used to create and learn about electronics and electronics components.

Books Books A variety of books covering multiple electronics platforms and projects. This includes component recognition, programming and many more topics.
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3D Printers 3D Printers Devices designed to create three dimensional objects of almost any shape from a digital model by printing successive layers of a material, typically plastic.
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Educational, Robotics Kits Educational, Robotics Kits Boards, groupings of parts, and accessories that are used to provide hands on training for specific integrated circuits, robotics platforms, etc.
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Gadgets, Gizmos Gadgets, Gizmos A collection of devices and kits that all will find fun to investigate and assemble.
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Prototyping, Fabrication Prototyping, Fabrication A collection of devices and control boards used to aid in prototyping and fabrication.
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Wearables Wearables A collection of devices used to create and develop wearable electronics. Contains items such as conductive thread and control boards for wearables.
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3D Printing Filaments 3D Printing Filaments A variety of thermoplastic materials used by 3D printers to create three dimensional objects.
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Accessories Accessories Supplementary items used with Maker/DIY products.
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