Devices designed to detect a force being exerted against it.

Absolute Absolute Devices designed to measure absolute pressure. Absolute pressure is defined as pressure relative to a perfect vacuum.
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Compound Compound Devices designed to measure compound pressure. Compound pressure sensors are capable of measuring both positive and negative pressure.
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Differential Differential Devices designed to measure differential pressure. Differential pressure is the difference between two pressure sources.
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Sealed Gauge Sealed Gauge Devices designed to measure gauge pressure. Sealed gauge pressure is the pressure relative to a known sealed pressure.
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Switch Switch Devices designed to open or close a circuit when the amount of pressure applied meets a certain level.
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Vacuum Vacuum Devices designed to measure vacuum pressure. Vacumm pressures are pressures that are below atomospheric pressure.
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Vented Gauge Vented Gauge Devices designed to measure gauge pressure. Gauge pressure is measured relative to the ambient atomospheric pressure.
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