Devices used to emit, modulate, sense, transform, or transmit visible and non-visible wavelengths.

Display Modules Display Modules Devices that are used provide a variety of data on a screen.
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Fiber Optics Fiber Optics Devices designed to aid in the transmission and reception of visible light through a thread of plastic or glass.
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Infrared Emitters Infrared Emitters Devices that transmit signals in the infrared frequency range (300GHz ~ 400THz). These devices are often used in remote controls.
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LED Lighting - COBs, Engines, Modules, Strips LED Lighting - COBs, Engines, Modules, Strips LED assemblies designed to emit visible electromagnetic radiation wavelengths that are perceived to have a great luminosity (brightness).
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Accessories, Kits Accessories, Kits Supplementary items used by LED devices.
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Lamps Lamps Devices that are used to produce light in visible and non-visible wavelengths. These devices require a socket to hold the items.
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Laser Diodes Laser Diodes A semiconductor device that emits a high intensity beam of radiation (infrared, ultraviolet or visible light).
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LED Optics LED Optics Items that are used to change the properties and/or direction of the wavelengths emitted by LEDs.
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LEDs LEDs A semiconductor device that emits light (Light Emitting Diode) when electricity runs through the circuit the component is in.
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Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights Devices that are designed to emit a visible light to indicate a specific state of another device. These items are mounted into a panel.
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Thermal Products Thermal Products Devices designed to provide cooling of LED components.
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Touch Screen Overlays Touch Screen Overlays Devices that are designed to overlay a screen or a display itself that provides for movement of a through physical contact (usually with a finger or stylus) on the display.
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Addressable, Specialty Addressable, Specialty A collection of specialty lighting and individually addressable lighting products.
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Electroluminescent Products Electroluminescent Products A collection of products that emit light when subjected to an electrical current. Includes panels, tapes and wire.
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Xenon Lighting Xenon Lighting Light sources that use an arc across tungsten metal electrodes and an inert xenon gas to emit light.
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