Tflex™ HR600 Series

Mid-performance gap filler with 3 W/mK from Laird Thermal

Image of Laird Technologies - Thermal Products' Tflex™ HR600 SeriesLaird Thermal's Tflex HR600 is a cost-effective and compliant gap filler thermal interface material with excellent thermal performance and great handling for mass-production applications. The low modulus interface pad conforms to component topography, resulting in little stress on the components, mating chassis, or parts. The softness relieves mechanical stress from high stack-up tolerance and absorbs shock, resulting in improved device reliability. Tflex HR600's recovery properties for applications requiring material rework result in continued mechanical integrity even after device rework and re-assembly. Tflex HR600 is naturally tacky on both sides and requires no additional adhesive coating to inhibit thermal performance. The tack is designed to hold the pad in place during assembly and component transport. Tflex HR600 is electrically insulating, stable from -45°C thru 200°C, and meets UL 94V0 flame rating.

  • Thermal conductivity 3 W/mK
  • Available in thicknesses from 0.010" to 0.200" (0.25 mm to 5.0 mm)
  • Soft and compliant
  • Naturally tacky for adhesion during assembly and transport
  • Cooling components to chassis, frame, or other mating components
  • GPS navigation and other portable devices
  • Home and small office network equipment
  • Mass storage devices
  • Automotive electronics
  • Telecommunication hardware
  • Radios
  • LED solid state lighting
  • Power electronics
  • LCD and PDP flat panel TV
  • Set top boxes
  • Audio and video components
  • IT infrastructure
  • Memory modules

Tflex HR600 Series

A16104-08 datasheet linkTFLEX HR680 9X9"A16104-08TFLEX HR680 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm39 - 即時
A16104-10 datasheet linkTFLEX HR6100 9X9"A16104-10TFLEX HR6100 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm75 - 即時
A16104-20 datasheet linkTFLEX HR6200 9X9"A16104-20TFLEX HR6200 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm44 - 即時
A16104-04 datasheet linkTFLEX HR640 9X9"A16104-04TFLEX HR640 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm32 - 即時
A16104-16 datasheet linkTFLEX HR6160 9X9"A16104-16TFLEX HR6160 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm12 - 即時
A16104-12 datasheet linkTFLEX HR6120 9X9"A16104-12TFLEX HR6120 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm3 - 即時
A16104-13 datasheet linkTFLEX HR6130 9" X 9"A16104-13TFLEX HR6130 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm12 - 即時
A15993-00 datasheet linkTFLEX HR620 9X9"A15993-00TFLEX HR620 9X9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A15993-00製品ページへのリンク
A16104-01 datasheet linkTFLEX HR610FG 9" X 9"A16104-01TFLEX HR610FG 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16104-01製品ページへのリンク
A16056-01 datasheet linkTFLEX HR610FG,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-01TFLEX HR610FG,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-01製品ページへのリンク
A16056-36 datasheet linkTFLEX HR615FG,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-36TFLEX HR615FG,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-36製品ページへのリンク
A16056-02 datasheet linkTFLEX HR620,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-02TFLEX HR620,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-02製品ページへのリンク
A16104-03 datasheet linkTFLEX HR630 9" X 9"A16104-03TFLEX HR630 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16104-03製品ページへのリンク
A16056-03 datasheet linkTFLEX HR630,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-03TFLEX HR630,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-03製品ページへのリンク
A16056-04 datasheet linkTFLEX HR640,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-04TFLEX HR640,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-04製品ページへのリンク
A16104-05 datasheet linkTFLEX HR650 9" X 9"A16104-05TFLEX HR650 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16104-05製品ページへのリンク
A16056-05 datasheet linkTFLEX HR650,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-05TFLEX HR650,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-05製品ページへのリンク
A16104-06 datasheet linkTFLEX HR660 9" X 9"A16104-06TFLEX HR660 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16104-06製品ページへのリンク
A16056-06 datasheet linkTFLEX HR660,DC1 9" X 9"A16056-06TFLEX HR660,DC1 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16056-06製品ページへのリンク
A16104-07 datasheet linkTFLEX HR670 9" X 9"A16104-07TFLEX HR670 9" X 9"シート正方形228.60mm x 228.60mm0A16104-07製品ページへのリンク
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刊行: 2012-06-29